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Call for Papers


The workshop solicites papers on general topics related to human behavior understanding, but with a distinct focus on multi-source solutions. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Multimodal solutions for human behavior modeling and analysis,
  • Multimodal solutions towards behavioral biometrics (gait, handwriting, keystroke dynamics, etc.),
  • Methods for multi-instance learning in behavioral understanding,
  • Analysis of multi-participant settings and of social interactions,
  • Multi-instance representation for characterizing human health, empathy,
  • Deep learning for multi-party interactions,
  • Multimodal deep learning for behavior understanding,
  • Adversarial learning approaches,
  • Related sensor technologies,
  • Information fusions approaches for behavior analysis,
  • Realistic behavior synthesis in multiple modalities and for multi-party settings,
  • Mobile and wearable systems for behavior monitoring,
  • Datasets and benchmarks,
  • Related applications.