The Laboratory of Machine Intelligence (LMI) is part of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. The laboratory conducts research work in different areas of signal processing, pattern recognition and embedded systems and organizes various courses that are part of the undergraduate and doctoral studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engeeniring UL.

The research activities of the members of LMI are mainly focused on two areas, i.e.,  speech and image technologies. Our research in the area of speech technologies is relates heavily to Slovenian speech, where we address problems related to large-scale vocabulary speech recognition, (slovenian, emotional) speech synthesis, dialogoue systems, human-machine interaction, speaker recognition and alike. In the field of image technologies our research is centered around biometrics (face recognition, palm-print recognition, fingerprint recognition, etc.). Our members participate in the organization of various conferences, collaborate with Universities around the world and work with different partners from the industry.


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