Marko Gorjanc

Marko Gorjanc
Laboratory assistant

Laboratory for Machine Intelligence (LMI)
University of Ljubljana
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Tržaška cesta 25
SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Tel.: +386 1 4768 836

Marko Gorjanc is a laboratory assistant at the Laboratory for Machine Intelligence. He takes care of the laboratory, provides technical assistance to students in the implementation of the exercises and participates in the execution of various projects.

Already at a young age, electronics became his favorite hobby and part of everyday life. In elementary school, he was in the technical group “Technology and Structural Engineering”, which inspired him to enroll in a radio amateur course. He has an amateur radio exam that gives him the ability to use radio amateur stations in different frequency ranges. Its call sign is S57MG. He graduated from the Secondary School of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana, after which he served as a communications operator in army, where he gained a lot of new experience in the field of telecommunications. In his spare time, he reads various technical and professional books covering the subject of electrical engineering. He is currently active in the UKV field. For digital (DMR) and analog comunications he uses hand-held station ANYTONE AT-D878UVII+.