Signal Analysis

Study program: Applied Electrical Engineering
Credits: 5 

Lecturer: Assoc. Prof.  Vitomir Štruc, PhD
Assistant: Asst. Marija Ivanovska, MSc

Course aims

Students learn about representations and characteristics of signals that can be represented as either (complex) deterministic functions or random functions of time and/or frequency. The students acquire knowledge about different signal types, signal descriptions and processing methods.


The course lectures cover the most important topics from the area of signal processing:

  • Introduction: basic definitions, short history of the signal processing theory, position of the signal processing theory in electrotechnical and other sciences.
  • Signals classification: signals with finite energy and finite average power, periodical a-periodical, deterministic and random signals.
  • Signals representations: the use of the signals representations, types of representations and representations, quality measures, examples of basic function sequences.
  • Frequency analysis: Fourier series and Fourier transform.
  • Random signals: approaches to the random signal processing, stationary random process, correlation and covariance functions, sampling and time averages, ergodicity.
  • Signals correlation and convolution: correlation and convolution definitions and properties for different types of signals, similarity measures, random signal spectrum evaluations, convolution and linear stationary systems, detection of periodic components in combinations of signals.
  • Sampling and quantization: purpose of the sampling and quantization, sampling theorem, representation of sampling and reconstruction, types of quantization, quantization error signal and its properties, quantization examples.
  • Digital signal processing: discrete Fourier transform.


Basic literature in Slovene

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Basic literature in English

  • V. Štruc, Laboratory Assignments for Signal Processing – Workbook, e-book, First Edition, Ljubljana, 2015.

Alternatives in English

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Basics of mathematical analysis, algebra and probability theory.

Additional information

More information on the course as well as material needed for the lab assignments is available from the E-classroom.