June 2020: We are organizing SSBC 2020 in conjunction with IJCB 2020

We are co-organizing the 2020 Sclera Segmetnation Benchmarking Competition (SSBC 2020) that will be held in conjunction with the International Join Conference on Biometrics (IJCB 2020).

Sclera biometrics have gained significant popularity among emerging ocular traits in the last few years. In order to establish the sclera as a viable biometric trait and to evaluate its potential for automated biometric systems, several works have been presented in the literature, employing sclera both individually and in combination with the iris. Despite these initiatives, sclera biometrics need to be studied more extensively to ascertain their usefulness. Among the numerous challenges still open in this area, efficient and robust sclera segmentation is among the most important ones, affecting all downstream tasks from normalization to recognition. While a considerable amount of research has been directed towards sclera segmentation in recent years, the performance of existing techniques especially in cross-sensor scenarios and across different acquisition conditions is still not well explored. To investigate these issues, to document recent developments and to attract (and raise) the interest of researchers in this emerging biometric trait, we are organzing SSBC 2020 – a competition (and group benchmarking effort) held in conjunction with IJCB 2020 focusing on the problem of sclera segmentation.

The competition builds on past sclera segmentation competitions, namely SSBC 2015, SSRBC 2016, SSERBC 2017, SSBC 2018 and SSBC 2019 held in conjunction with BTAS 2015, ICB 2016, IJCB 2017, ICB 2018 and ICB 2019 respectively. SSBC 2020 is the next in the series of sclera segmentation challenges and aims to benchmark sclera segmentation models in both cross sensor settings as well as across different acquisition conditions.

For more information visit: https://sites.google.com/view/ssbc2020/home


Dr. Abhijit Das, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India

Prof. Umapada Pal, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India

Prof. Peter Peer, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenija

Assoc. Prof. Vitomir Štruc , University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenija

Matej Vitek , PhD candidate, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenija