Benjamin Fele

Benjamin Fele, MSc.

Laboratory of Machine Intelligence (LMI)
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana
Tržaška cesta 25
Si-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
E-mail: benjamin(dot)fele(at)fe(dot)uni-lj(dot)si


Bachelor’s degree (2015) – Faculty of Computer and Information science, University of Ljubljana
Master’s degree (2019) – Faculty of Education, University of Ljubljana

Research interests

  • generative adversarial networks
  • semi-supervised learning
  • reinforcement learning
  • meta-learning
  • computer vision
  • cognitive modelling
  • curiosity & active learning


Benjamin Fele has a master’s degree in Cognitive Science that he obtained at University of Ljubljana and bachelor’s degree in computer science that he got from the same university. His interests span fields ranging from computer vision and generative adversarial networks to reinforcement and meta-learning. In the past, he has gained his experience at UC Berkeley, Komenského University in Bratislava and the Jozef Stefan Institute. For his master’s thesis, he has worked with reinforcement and meta-learning as methods for achieving better sample selection strategies during training. He is currently working on virtual try-on technology for fashion industry, where he uses (among other methods) generative adversarial networks to achieve the desired goal. He received all points on a Matura exam, commendation for exemplary completion of study obligations in 2014 and ranked among top 5% of students in generation in 2019 with the average grade 10/10. He participates as a machine learning engineer as part PL’AI art exhibition, is a member of music band persons from porlock and was involved in visual art as a VJ.

Selected publications

  • Fele, B. (2020). Learning Learning by Learning. Poster session presented at Interdisciplinary College, Günne, Germany.
  • Fele, B., & Takáč, M. (2019). A connectionist model of acquisition of noun phrases with syntactic bootstrapping, Kognícia a umelý život, Bratislava, May 2019. Bratislava, Slovakia: Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave. Retrieved from: zbornik.KUZ2019.pdf ( (page 31)