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Osorio-Roig, Daile; Rathgeb, Christian; Drozdowski, Pawel; Terhörst, Philipp; Štruc, Vitomir; Busch, Christoph

An Attack on Feature Level-based Facial Soft-biometric Privacy Enhancement Journal Article

In: IEEE Transactions on Biometrics, Identity and Behavior (TBIOM), 2022.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: attack, face recognition, privacy, privacy enhancement, privacy protection, privacy-enhancing techniques, soft biometric privacy

Rot, Peter; Peer, Peter; Štruc, Vitomir

Detecting Soft-Biometric Privacy Enhancement Incollection

In: Rathgeb, Christian; Tolosana, Ruben; Vera-Rodriguez, Ruben; Busch, Christoph (Ed.): Handbook of Digital Face Manipulation and Detection, 2022.

Links | BibTeX | Tags: biometrics, face, privacy, privacy enhancement, privacy-enhancing techniques, soft biometric privacy